The story and the end of sushi

Starting this Thursday (04-15-2021) we will be discontinuing sushi from the 95a menu. Sushi has been one of our staples ever since we opened 95a back in 2011. This is primarily due to the structure of the previous restaurant 95a took over. When we first started out sushi wasn’t something we ever envisioned serving to our guests, however, it happened to be one of the main draws to the restaurant. Due to this we decided that it was the right thing to continue to incorporate sushi into the menu and our vision for 95a.

Over the years as 95a continued to grow we continuously found that we were running into consistent issues with serving sushi alongside our bistro menu. The two biggest issues being timing of the two menus and staffing. Timing and consistency has been one of the most glaring problems over the years. We have been essentially running two different restaurants out of one kitchen, which as you can imagine has been incredibly hard to do. Sushi is also a very unique culinary art that requires a lot of skill. This means that labor and staffing for this position is very challenging and costly. Despite these hurdles we have continued to try to serve sushi because it’s what our guests wanted, however, as the pandemic hit the issues mentioned above only got increasingly more difficult to overcome. This in turn has led us to our decision to cut ties with our sushi menu. This decision was hard for us to make and it saddens us to see sushi go but we had come to a point where we were no longer providing the quality of food and service the we strive to provide.

While we are sad to see sushi go were excited to hone our menu in all other areas to be able to provide a more consistent experience. We look forward to adding more seafood, oysters, tapas and expanding our poke bowls, the one aspect of our sushi menu we have decided to keep. We hope everyone understands the circumstances and we hope that all of you can give our new menu a try.